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National TV news 17/04/10

Laetitia Ayres, wonderful soprano singer offers several extracts of her show "Judy, barbra and me". (...) funny and autobiographical show about the dreams of a young singer. An opportunity to browse through the great scores of broadway > the poDCAST of the interview

if you grew up with Mary Poppins and the wizard of oz, or sang "New York, New York" in front of your mirror with a hairbrush as a microphone, this very funny and touching show is made for you.

Magnificent performance, mixture of swing and classic (...) the emotion goes along with more light-hearted moments when she describes the difficulties of being an artist. An Original repertoire chosen by the bubbly Laetitia Ayrès, I really loved her show

Artistic crush "THE POWER OF making us laugh and thrill"

you know Judy Garland, you know barbra Streisand, discover Laetitia Ayrès

Everyone says « I love you »! Made in Broadway. With an impressive vocal technique, Laetitia Ayrès succeeds to bring together Broadway and its myths in a vaulted cellar of the Marais. Accompanied by Alexandre Javaud at the piano, she sings, dances, tap dances, inviting on stage Judy Garland, Julie Andrews, Barbra Streisand, Liza Minnelli and Audrey Hepburn. In the audience, the desire to hum and clap hands quickly becomes contagious… 

Lot’s of sincerity and enthusiasm in this musical show about Hollywood and Broadway : sometimes mischievous, sometimes sardonic, always endearing, Laetitia Ayrès plays the card of standup (accompanied by an impeccable pianist) and tells with exuberance her stories on the theme « I wish my life as a singer were a musical ». The down and up tempo songs enhance her medium voice and her remarquable diction.  

From Follies to Yentl,  A Chorus Line and Cabaret, the songs of the show are tremendously performed by Laetitia Ayrès. Special mention to the beautiful interpretations of Memory (Cats) and I Hate Men (Kiss me, Kate). (....) What a pleasure to listen beautiful versions of Sondheim’s tunes such as Losing my mind or Being Alive… 


Audience reviews : 5/5 on Billetreduc :

« Delightful, at once funny and glamorous » 

« you don’t get bored for a second » 

« a wonderful voice, a talented entertainer, a gifted pianist, a clever staging…  Don’t miss this show » 

« witty dialogues »

« one feels happy after seeing this show » 

"Surely one of the best performers of musicals in Paris. The great beauty of her voice, its wide extent, a perfect technic allow her to sing every musical genres in every styles. She knows how to enhance texts as a true actress.“

Jean-Luc Jelery, Author of "Le musical, propos sur un art total"

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